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The Women’s Line is a project inviting the raised-females of Macclesfield to create artistic representations of their family trees, culminating in an art installation in the Silk Museum gallery from September 5th - October 5th 2024 as well as in the little Library Gallery.

Each participant will create their female family tree as selected portraits on a AO size sheet of paper. It will be hung with gold-coloured pegs from a beautiful silk cord, like a washing line.

You don’t need to identify as an artist! You just need to want to make and be part of this collaborative artwork.


Why you might enjoy this project

Participants have talked about varied reasons that they

have enjoyed being involved so far. Including:

  • Exploring the lives of and connecting with ancestors that they've never met

  • Talking with others about memories, similarities, differences and family quirks!

  • Meeting new people, being social and getting out the house to work together on something positive 

  • Being creative and learning new artmaking skills

  • Documenting and proudly recording your female family legacy for yourself and for generations to come


There are 4 project stages:

1) Sketch: Research and choose people and create your family tree, and decide if you want to take part further.
2) Postcards: Take a ‘postcard’ for each person and add portraits, names and get creative.
3) Sheets: In July/August we will stick our postcards onto our large sheets and add more information and imagery.
4) Exhibition: Help with the exhibition if you can, and take it down when it’s time.


If you have any questions, get in touch! 07976 236457


Click the button to book a session to come and find out more about the project and the weekly workshops held at Macc ArtSpace and the Silk Museum!


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